Curriculum Vitae


Technical Officer

DIAS Dunsink Observatory
2021 – present

I support research activities within the DIAS Astronomy and Astrophysics section as well as education and public engagement activities at Dunsink Observatory.

Research Fellow

Trinity College Dublin
2016 – 2021

Principal Investigator of a European Office of Aerospace Research and Development research to operations project to improve solar eruption prediction using terrestrial weather forecasting methods. Principal Investigator of Science Foundation Ireland Discover Astronomical Midlands Project, engaging rural communities with astronomy through the Irish Low Frequency Array Radio Telescope. Contributor to the EU Framework Package 7 HELCATS and Horizon 2020 FLARECAST and PRE-EST projects. Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow.

Research Scientist

Met Office
2013 – 2016

Working with academics, forecasters, and end-users, I transitioned basic research to operational space weather forecasting. My main research areas were in solar physics (H2020 FLARECAST project) and thermospheric modelling (FP7 ATMOP project), trying to improve our understanding of the science behind the forecasts and feeding this back into the operational predictive models.


PhD Solar Physics, 2013, Trinity College Dublin

MSc (Dist) Space Science, 2008, University College London

BA Hons Mod Physics and Astrophysics, 2007, Trinity College Dublin


Research interests

Solar physics (solar active region evolution, solar flare forecasting, coronal mass ejection onset, coronal hole detection); heliospheric physics (solar wind propagation); atmospheric physics (thermospheric drag).

Technical expertise

Statistical analysis, data visualisation, forecast evaluation, machine learning, ensemble modelling, data assimilation, quality assurance.


Python, R, IDL, Fortran 90, Matlab, HTML/CSS, Git, SVM.